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Serving  the Fort Collins, Colorado Area

"My dogs had a specific behavioral problem, and Patty targeted that problem and taught us solutions that produced results immediately.  I would highly recommend Patty's dog training and behavior solutions."   - Joy R.


"Patty was instrumental in putting me, a first time dog owner, on the right path with my dog Cooper.  Three years later, I am still utilizing the techniques she taught me to provide structure for my overly excited dog.  Patty uses positive reinforcement with a calm and confident manner.  I am very thankful for the early guidance she gave me."
- Lisa S.
"Hi, My name is Baxter.  I was a rambunctious, but loving, puppy until Patty came into my life.  The minute she came in the front door it was love at first sight.  She gave me a big hug and I gave her a couple of kisses and then the training began.  I would do almost anything for her.  Every time I did something correctly she gave me a treat so I really worked hard.  My Mom didn't work as hard.  If she had I would be the best dog in the whole world.  Patty is the very best.  She is very smart and knows everything about training dogs.  She is firm but loving, has a very quiet and calm manner of training and her method really works."

Due to the current rise in COVID-19 cases, I am temporarily suspending my services.

I will be monitoring the situation and will re-open when it is safer to do so.

I would suggest going to the website to locate an available local trainer.

Thanks for your understanding and stay well.

 "Attached is a picture of Abba. Thanks to you her bad habits are gone and she has turned out to be a great dog. I highly recommend you to anyone that has problems with there dog. I have no doubt that you can solve any problem that anyone has with their dog.. " - Dave S.