Chances are that if you are frustrated, your dog probably is as well.   With my in-home personalized dog training sessions, you and your dog will soon put your frustrations behind you.  My approach is to replace bad behavior with something else the dogs knows how to do.  Rather than jumping on visitors, let's teach your dog to down-stay on a mat until the visitor greets him.   Together we will bring "Harmony to Your Home".

Bark excessively?

Jump on you and your guests?
Pull you down the street during walks?
Steal food from the table?
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Does your dog...

Why my dog training techniques work:

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Do you want some harmony between you and your dog? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be wearing a mask during all sessions to protect my clients and their families and respectfully ask that my clients do the same.

Dog Training At Home

Patty at Paw-N-Order in Fort Collins is awesome with dogs!  I called her because my 2-1/2 year old dog, Missa, was darting out of the house whenever the front door was open.  She also had some other specific problems that I needed help with.  Patty used customized techniques to address each of Missa's problems.  She also gave me homework after each session so that Missa learned to respond to my commands.  Each session we made great progress and now all of Missa (an my!) bad behaviors have been extinguished.  In addition, Missa now sees me as the "alpha" in our home and pretty much follows all of my commands immediately.  We absolutely could not have achieved this without Patty!  -​ Kathi P.

"My dogs had a specific behavioral problem, and Patty targeted that problem and taught us solutions that produced results immediately.  I would highly recommend Patty's dog training and behavior solutions."   - Joy R.​

I have learned throughout my dog training career that most dogs misbehave simply because they do not understand what it is their owners want them to do. Therefore, they act on their instinctive impulses - such as jumping on visitors, pulling on the leash, darting out the door. We, as owners have been taught to continue to try to correct the dog AFTER the bad behavior has occurred. This simply does not work because the dog has no idea what it is he is supposed to do instead. I help you TEACH your dog the desired behavior in each scenario BEFORE the bad behavior happens. You'll be surprised how happy your dog becomes when he hears "Good Boy!" instead of "NO" all day long! 
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