Paw and Order Dog Training Ala Carte Services:

Does your dog...

Make walking him very frustrating?
Jump on kids or visitors?
Chew inappropriate items?
Come to you when called - sometimes?

Steal food from the table?
home dog training, dog behavior training

I will help bring "Harmony to Your Home" through the use of my comprehensive  in-home dog training packages or my ala carte services.   I am there to meet your needs when you need them.

Do you want some harmony between you and your dog? 

Choose a full dog behavior training package or if your dog already knows the basic commands (sit, down, etc.) but has issues like those listed above, choose my Ala Carte service. Most trainers offer basic command and problem solving programs, but you may have to go through basic command training again.  Paw and Order In-Home Dog Training offers you an alternative.  I will come to your home and help you solve the jumping, barking, etc. problems using the skills your dog already has!  If he needs some 'brushing up' on basic skills , we will do that as well.

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