Paw and Order Dog Training Services:

Does your dog...

Bark excessively?

Jump on your and your guests?
Pull you down the street during walks?
Steal food from the table?
home dog training, dog behavior training

Chances are that if you are frustrated, your dog probably is as well.   With my in-home personalized dog training sessions, you and your dog will soon put your frustrations behind you.  My approach is to replace bad behavior with something else the dogs knows how to do.  Rather than jumping on visitors, let's teach your dog to down-stay on a mat until the visitor greets him.   Together we will bring "Harmony to Your Home".

Do you want some harmony between you and your dog? 

Choose a full puppy or dog obedience training package or if your dog already knows the basic commands (sit, down, etc.) but has issues like those listed above, choose my Ala Carte service. Most trainers offer basic command and problem solving programs, but you may have to go through basic dog obedience training again.  Paw and Order In-Home Dog Training offers you an alternative.  I will come to your home and help you solve the jumping, barking, etc. problems using the skills your dog already has!  If he needs some 'brushing up' on basic skills , we will do that as well. Contact me to get started!

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"My dogs had a specific behavioral problem, and Patty targeted that problem and taught us solutions that produced results immediately.  I would highly recommend Patty's dog training and behavior solutions."   - Joy R.‚Äč